French and Patio Doors

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors opening to a balcony

Opening up your home to a thousand different options, our French and Patio doors give you the power to transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor, expanding your space and making it light and airy without compromising on security, thermal efficiency or weather performance.

White PVC Sliding Patio DoorsPVC French and Patio Doors

Opening up your home to a thousand different options, our French and Patio doors give you the power to transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor, expanding your space and making it light and airy. 

Stunning Design

Our french and patio doors are designed to complement the aesthetic of your home giving you both light and air with the ability to further open your home to your surroundings. Choose from Chrome, Satin Silver Black or Brass Effect hardware to perfectly accent your new addition to your home.


As well as a stunning addition to your home, there are many practical elements of adding a patio or french door. Whether it is easier access from different points of your home, or providing a way in which to move larger objects to your home there are many different practical elements of installing one of these stunning doors. 

Value and Style

As an extremely stylish addition to your home, it also adds considerable value to your home, and for potential future buyers it can be the determining feature. 


Our French doors are secured with a INGENIOUS multi-point (10) PAS24 Lock and a 3 Star Apec cylinder. This 3 star rating is achieved through the British Standard Institute and is the recommended security of a home. 


Our PatioMaster patio doors are designed to complement your home aesthetic whilst minimising the impact of installation. They are seamlessly fitted against your home to provide you with stunning external views of your home without bulky frames. An ERA 6 point PAS24 multi-lock and a 3 Star cylinder ensure that the patio door is secured. 


Energy Efficient

We use toughened energy efficient glass units that are both secure and efficient to ensure that this new addition to your home is as perfect as possible and you are not sacrificing one for the other.  

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Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors open out to a gardenAluminium French and Patio Doors

For those who are looking for style, practicality and something unique, we offer a range of different aluminium doors that follow optimum flow from your home to the garden that creates light, panoramic views and extends your living space. 

With light flooding into your room, these doors are perfect for the minimalist look from the flush appearance blending seamlessly into the wall and the minimal step over; making it perfect for all family types. 

Why Should I Choose Aluminium?

Today’s aluminium products are a class all of their own with beautiful slimline frames that are secure and offer excellent thermal efficiency, a far cry from the aluminium products of the eighties and nineties. Quickly becoming the product of choice for most modern homes and architects to which longevity, style, security and performance are imperative.

Guaranteed Optimal Performance

Made to measure and fitted to the highest standard, Real Aluminium doors are tested to the highest industry standard and have guaranteed reliability. The slimline frames are not only extremely thermally efficient but allow for the maximum amount of light to enter your home

Get the Look You Want

With many different colours, 7 different handle colour options for French Doors doors and 4 different colour options for sliding door hardware, you can create something that will suit your style preferences and be unique to you.

Our aluminium french and patio doors offer large uninterrupted panes of glass with views to the outside, offering beautiful views without compromising security, thermal efficiency or weather performance. 

Completing the look is the long-lasting colour that really makes our Aluminium products stand out compared to PVC. The powder coated colour provides a durable finish to these products that is unmatched, providing protection against peeling, blistering, corrosion, fading and loss of sheen. 


Real Aluminium French Doors hold excellent security with multi-locking handles and the ability for dual locking handles. All REAL aluminium doors meet the standards  of BSI (British Standard Institute) to ensure that consistent quality is always present. 


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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered


What is the difference between a french door and a sliding door? 

The most identifiable difference between these two doors is the way they open. French doors are usually two doors that open outwards on hinges whereas sliding patio doors slide along a track from one side to another.


Which way does a french door open? 

You can have a french door open either inwards or outwards depending on what works better for your space. 


What is better, french doors or sliding doors?

Sliding doors are great to save space and tend to be a more modern design, whereas the french doors can allow for more ventilation and flexibility. The preference of style will be down to personal preference, style, budget and space available. 


How secure are patio doors? 

Whether french or sliding, both styles have a large amount of glass within the frames leading some to believe that they are not secure. However this is not the case as strong and resistant glass is used to protect your home and when paired with secure locks your patio doors offer security but also resistance to everyday wear and tear. 


Do french doors add value to your home? 

Installing french doors provide a great return on your investment in the future. French doors are always an attractive feature of a home and can often be a deciding feature for potential buyers. 


What’s better PVC or Aluminium? 

Lightweight, strong, durable, secure and stylish, Aluminium is always the preferred choice for home improvement. However, PVC is also a very suitable and reliable choice giving many benefits at a more affordable price.


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