Trickle Vents: Building Regulation Changes

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From Wednesday 15th June 2022, changes were made to the building regulations in England to parts F and L which impact on the fitment of new windows and doors (where replacing existing) in hopes of increasing thermal efficiency and improving ventilation.


What are the MAIN Changes Being Made to Part F?

All new external windows and doors (with some extreme exceptions) must be fitted with trickle vents, regardless of whether the door or window they are replacing have them. This applies to all doors / windows in a habitable room like a living area or bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms but doesn’t apply to ‘rooms’ such as hallways – however for aesthetic reasons you may wish to still have trickle vents fitted.


What are trickle vents?

Trickle vents (or ventilators) sit on the upper part of a door or window frame and allow adequate natural ventilation into the room even when the door / window is closed. They can come as either permanent or controllable; with the option to open and close them.


What are the MAIN Changes Being Made to Part L?

All new external windows and doors must have a combined (frame and glass) value of 1.4 and/or an energy rating of B or higher.


What is a u-value?

U-value is the rating given to frames and glass to measure thermal transmission. It is measured and rated by the rate of transfer that heat passes through the structure. The lower the u-value the better insulated the product is.


What is an energy rating?

The BFRC energy rating using a grading system from A++ to E, scaling the total energy efficiency. A++ is the most energy efficient.

The regulations are different for NEW Build installations, please refer to Part O of the Regulations or your local Building Control dept.

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