When To Change Your Doors and Windows

Purple Composite Door

How long do doors and windows last? 

On average doors and windows can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.  Even the highest quality doors and windows unfortunately won’t last forever but ensuring that you choose the right windows for you and you maintain them properly can ensure that they last longer. 


What factors can affect how long doors and windows will last? 


Ensuring that you properly care and maintain your windows and doors can ensure their longevity. Doors and windows can simply be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water and a soft sponge, washing down the frames to ensure that any dirt is cleaned and kept looking it’s best.

Wear and tear

Our windows and doors will experience much wear and tear throughout their time as we use them everyday. The amount that you use your doors and windows will impact their longevity and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop wear and tear. However, proper maintenance and ensuing you choose the right material for its purposes will help you to maximise its potential.

Weather exposure

Different weather conditions can affect your doors and windows in different ways. If your home is south facing and your door receives direct sunlight for most of the day, a wooden door can lose its pigmentation faster than expected. Likewise if you live on the coast, the salty coastal air can also affect factors such as pigmentation, hardware effectiveness and durability. To help minimize the effects of weather exposure you should ensure to choose the right frame material and provide proper maintenance. 

Type of frame material

Different types of materials will offer different benefits when used as door and window frames. For example, a PVC door is a reliable choice as it has excellent insulation properties, is secure and is easy to maintain compared to a wooden door which are often less energy efficient and are susceptible to rot PVC is clearly the preferred frame material. Different materials will have different lifespans and longevity, so choosing the right material is very important when choosing a door. 

Older windowHow to tell if you need new windows or doors

1. You can hear a lot of noise outdoors when they  are closed.

Effective and efficient doors and windows will minimise the amount of outside noise that can be heard whilst inside your home. A sign that you may need to replace your windows and doors can be that you hear and increase in noise from inside your home that wasn’t audible before. 

Newer, more efficient doors, and windows which are double or triple glazed are insulated with either Argon gas which will increase energy efficiency and reduce outdoor noise. 


2. You can feel a draft, when your windows/doors are closed.

When a window or door is closed you shouldn’t be able to feel a breeze, if one can be felt it can mean that there is an issue with the way that your window or door is sealed. Feeling a breeze is an indicator that you may need to look at getting a new door or window or at the very least get a professional to look at the sealant around the frames.Not only can it cause your home to not be able to keep a temperature, but in the winter it can cause higher energy bills and increase your carbon footprint. 


3. Window/doors frames are soft, chipped or water damaged.

Soft and chipped door and window frames are already beyond repair and should be replaced immediately. Soft frames are also an indicator of rot and water infiltration and it is possible that they could start sagging, this will not only increase energy bills but decrease the security of your doors and windows making your home less secure. 


4. You have difficulty opening, closing and locking windows/doors

Safe windows and doors should be easy to use and operate, if not it could pose an issue to your home energy efficiency and security as they may not be fitted correctly or have warped. Issues such as rotting and rust can also be why you may be having difficulty operating your door. Should you have issues in operating your door you should always contact a professional so they advise you on what is best.


5. Condensation is building up between glass layers or cracked window glass.

Panes of glass in doors and windows when double or triple glazed should be air tight in order to ensure that the insulating gas does not escape. If you notice condensation building up within the glass layers then it means that the seal of the glass has failed allowing for moisture to get between the glass and breaking the vacuum. When the seal has failed it means that your window will be less efficient and cause an increase in your energy bills. 


What is the importance of replacing failing windows?

Failing windows can increase your energy bills, make your home fluctuate in temperature; being cold in the winter and too hot in the summer and also make you more vulnerable to a burglar. Modern windows are more energy efficient; reducing bills and regulating temperature and are completed with more sophisticated and secured locking systems to ensure that your home is safe. 

White Window InteriorBenefits of new windows/doors

Energy Efficient

Modern windows and doors are designed to be more energy efficient, allowing your home to retain heat in the winter when the heating is on but also ensure that it doesn’t get too hot in the summer. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint which is better for the environment but will also reduce your energy bills keeping your costs lower. 


Higher Quality 

Compared to older windows, new modern windows and doors have more advanced locking systems to ensure that your home is secured, likewise these doors are designed for durability and offer a much longer lifespan ensuring durability and longevity. 


Aesthetics and Design

Not only practical but also attractive, modern doors and windows give you the opportunity to customise and design your new additions to your home to create something that fits your style perfectly and complements all the best accents of your home. Try designing your own door with our door designer

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