What to know when choosing a double glazing company

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With so many companies offering the same or similar services it can be hard to know which one you should go with and what is the best deal. We have created the ultimate guide to helping you choose the right double glazing company for you, read below to find out more! 

Woman smiling at laptopChoosing a company that listens

It’s important that a company will listen and take on board what you want. They should be able to offer advice on the best products for you. Ask friends and families to recommend companies that they have used.

First impressions count and an important thing to remember when hiring a company is ensuring that they listen to you and offer you a service that is the best for you. They should take the time to understand what you are looking for and offer advice accordingly. 


Read the reviews and get recommendations

Reviews are a good way of understanding the service that a company offers and asking friends and family who they would recommend is always a good way of sourcing a good, reliable company.


Understand the quality of the products used

Are the locks up to British Standard? Does the product come with the adequate warranty and protection? What reviews are there of the brands that provide the products? 

Having a better understanding of the products will allow you to choose the right one for you, allowing you to maximise the benefits and pick something that is truly to your specifications. We recommend researching into the different product options and also research into what the company warrants and any insurance they give on their products and workmanship. Ask the company to show you their energy certifications where applicable and what security measures they have in place that makes your home extra secure; like internal glazing. 

It is really important that any company you choose gives you the facility to go to a showroom to be able to physically see the product in person before you make your decision. Being able to go to a showroom will allow you to not only better understand the products but also to get a better feel of the business. 


Competent person schemes – Building Regulation Certification

When having windows and doors replaced homeowners must comply with current building regulations. An installer registered with one of the Competent Person Schemes (like Fensa) will issue this certificate for you – otherwise your council will need to come and check the work (for a fee).

NVQ qualified fitters

Ask the company to tell you about their fitters; how long have they worked for them? What training have they had? Ultimately these are the people that will be installing your new additions to your home and you are going to want someone who is competent and knows what they are doing. 

Lunna Pale Red Composite DoorBe realistic about prices

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is very apt in a lot of situations, double glazing being one of them. Of course you may want to avoid companies that over inflate prices, promote special sales gimmicks or sign up discounts but likewise always going for the cheapest option isn’t always the best option either. Best practise is always to get a couple of quotes and compare the prices to understand the differences and what you may get from each of the different companies. Remember prices should be competitive. 


After care service

Ask the company what their aftercare service is and what procedures they have in place should something go wrong. Unfortunately not all jobs are perfect and if you should find an issue the important thing to know is that you can call the company and they will rectify it. Any respectable company should be more than happy to adjust a problem with your product and should have procedures in place to deal with the situation swiftly. 


When choosing a company you should always consider how clear your communication has been and should something go awry do you trust they would sort it out swiftly. 



Make sure the company can offer at least 10 years of experience. With all this information to hand you should be able to make an informed choice and choose the right company to carry out your work.


Do your research

There are many different factors that will affect what company you choose, apart from price. Factors such as customer service, adaptability, understanding and reputation are all things that will influence your decision and will allow you to choose a service which is perfect for you.

We recommend that you look for a company with good customer service; who doesn’t go for the hard sell and takes the time to better understand your wants and needs. We also suggest having a look at their reviews and getting a feel of who they are as a business and their priorities. Check company websites to get a better understanding of the service that the company offers and the types of service they offer. 


Go with your instinct

First impressions count and you should always consider how they first come across from the initial phone call to a sales meeting. Good customer service will always shine through and a company that cares about their customers will always care more about the services they are providing and getting things sorted. 

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