What to Consider When Buying a New Front Door in 2022

Bright Yellow Composite Door

Front doors can often be an afterthought when you are thinking about the style, efficiency, and security of your home but in actual fact they are the first thing that greets you home every day, your first line of defensive and can have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

When it comes to choosing a new front door there are a few things to consider, and we have used our expertise to help you through the process to choosing the right one for you!


Front Door Materials

First things first, what your door is made of is going to have a huge impact going forward. In recent years the rise of the PVC and Composite doors has seen its debut, and it’s no surprise when you consider that they trump the traditional wooden door in style, security, AND efficiency.


Composite Doors

Minimal maintenance, durable, secure and customisable, Composite doors offer something for everyone and are definitely a major contender when trying to decide your front door material. If you like the look of wooden doors, the Composite door offers remarkably authentic wooden finishes which then is paired against all the best benefits of a PVC. Unsusceptible to warping or rot, the Composite door is a great long term choice for a front door!


PVC Doors

Very similar the composite door, PVC doors offer a lot of benefits to those looking for a new front door. Very little maintenance, resistant to rot and when paired with decorative panels are surprisingly stylish creating the perfect entrance to your home.


Wooden Doors

We would be remiss if we didn’t include wooden doors, but in this day and age they just don’t hold up compared to Composite and PVC doors. Unfortunately in terms of security they aren’t as secure and they can wrap and rot over time seeing a lot less durability over the years.



Something that many aren’t aware of is that you can actually have a range of different glass fitted into your doors that can create a statement, give you a bit of privacy or perfectly compliment your home aesthetic. If your home is facing a busy home, having patterned or frosted glass is the perfect solution if you would like a bit of privacy but don’t want to block out light in your home.

Considering what glazing you would like in your front door is important but do keep in mind that what is available to you will also be dependent on the type of door you choose!

See here for examples of PVC door configurations!



Not just a stylish addition to your home, a new front door is your first line of defence for the security for your home. So, we suggest that you consider the security implications of whatever door you choose to ensure that your home remains secure.

PVC and Composite doors are more secure than wooden doors as they tend to have multiple locking points and their cores are reinforced to withstand forced entry attacks, so we would suggest choosing one of these doors for better home security.



As important as the door itself is the locks. One of the most common locks on UK front doors is the euro cylinder which can be susceptible to bumping, picking, and snapping as a way for someone to force entry into your home. We suggest asking for a lock that meets British Standard cylinder with a 3-star rating


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