Navigating Virtual Consultations

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In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the virtual world has opened up to accommodate appointments, work meetings and family meet ups, but navigating this world and knowing what to expect can be confusing. As all of our sale co-ordinations are now virtual, in line with the latest Covid restrictions in the UK, we have created the ultimate guide for navigating virtual consultations. 


How does a virtual consultation work? 

A virtual consultation will be held over a conferencing platform, such as Zoom, or through a phone call rather than in person appointments, where industry professionals will provide information on their industry, services and products. 


What should you expect from a virtual appointment? 

Some may think that you will not receive the same level of customer service as a “in person” appointment but not to worry as you will always receive the same level of customer service regardless of whether it is in person or virtually. You can expect that an organisation will have put processes in place that would allow the appointment to run as normally as possible with maybe a few helpful tricks in place to further enhance your experience. 

Organised, coordinated and harmonious 

 When arranging a virtual appointment, the company representative will arrange a time and date that is convenient to you and will let you know of what media they use to conduct their appointments. This process is designed to be as easy for the customer as possible, adapting to the most convenient way to convey information, so often an organisation will give you a couple of options for your virtual appointments to find the best one that suits you. 


Professional, knowledgeable and approachable

Whomever your appointment may be with you can expect the same level of professionalism, with the correlating information and brochures being provided to ensure that your experience is first class and you leave the meeting feeling like your questions have been answered and your wants have been met. 


The use of electronic documents have allowed for the same great information to reach customers. Online brochures and emails allow for professionals to provide information to customers at the drop of hat, with a variety of different options to choose from. This way the customer receives the same excellent service from a company, without any technological barriers. 


Be prepared that during your appointment, the company representative may ask if they may share their screen to show you company promotional content or information. This is a simple process that will be controlled by the representative and is a useful tool when they wish to show you examples. Not to worry though as the security of your smart device will not be compromised during this feature and nothing from your screen will be able to be seen. 


How to prepare for a virtual appointment

  1. Know the time and date

Be prepared about 10 minutes before the appointment time to sit down and relax, getting yourself into a comfortable position with a hot drink. This will help you feel as normal as possible.

  1. Know how you are going to be contacted

Is the appointment with a phone call, over Zoom or Facetime? Are you set up to easily answer the call? The process is designed to be as easy as possible but it’s not a bad idea to try and be set up beforehand. 


  1. Take a look at the company website

If your appointment is about a product or service, take a look at the company’s website, here you should find a wealth of information about the product or service you are looking for. There should also be able to find images and examples of what are on offer, which will better help your decision. 


  1. Think of some questions to ask

The appointment is a great chance to get all the information you might need and get all of your questions answered. It may be helpful to think of some questions to ask so that you can maximise the efficiency of your appointment. 


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